WARNING: 18+ ONLY. My Tumblr blog contain graphic images of naked dudes, and homo sex acts. It is a crazy mix of sexy still photos, videos and GIFs.
I gladly accept submissions so just click on the SHARE button and select "photo" from the drop menu on the upper left. I cannot guarantee every submission will be posted. Sorry!
Everything on this blog I found somewhere on the internet. I mostly reblog from tumblr but sometimes if I only like certain images from a set, I will break it down to repost. Other times I may repost a photo after enhancing the image or applying filters. If you don't like that I do this, then don't follow my blog or send me messages to bitch me out and accuse me of "stealing".
If you see an image or video that belongs to you and would like it removed, let me know and I will take it down but be sure to include the post number from the URL. Without the post number it may otherwise be difficult to ID.
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